Campground Rules

  1. Rent is due on or before the due date.  A late charge of $25.00 will be assessed on rent payments postmarked or received the 3rd (third) day after the rent is due.   On the 5th day, your water and electric will be disconnected and you will be asked to move.  If Greenway Trailer Park seeks to enforce the terms and conditions hereinafter against the tenant, tenant agrees to pay a reasonable attorney’s fee and costs incurred in the prosecution of the action.  There will be a $16.50 charge on all returned checks. 
  2. No dogs or cats allowed on Greenway St, Palmer St, or Frontier St.  Only 2 dogs allowed per space in the campground.  There is a $10.00 fee per pet/per month.  City law requires dogs and cats to be kept on a leash or in a fenced area.  If the pet causes complaints to the office, you will be asked to get rid of the pet or move.  Clean up after your pets.  This includes on the hill.
  3. Maintenance of your yard or area is your responsibility.  You are responsible for the mowing and or trimming around your camper.  Lawns will be kept mowed, trimmed, watered and void of foreign objects, litter, household furniture and appliances.  NO TENTS. NO SHEDS. If you fail to comply, the management will clean your yard at your expense.  The park does not furnish hoses or sprinklers for lawn care but does have lawn mowers available at the office.  When watering your lawn, please do not leave water unattended.
  4. No washing of vehicles or campers on park property.  No parking of vehicles of any kind inside the fence line or on the lawn.  This includes motorcycles, trailers, etc.
  5. Heat tapes are to be installed on water lines on all campers who stay during the months of October through April. 
  6. No speeding, spinning of tires, or reckless driving in the park.  The speed limit is 10 to 15 miles per hour.
  7. No automobile maintenance or unlicensed vehicles allowed in the park.  One week will be allowed to change flat tires or have wrecked vehicles fixed.
  8. Be courteous to your neighbor and hold noises to a minimum in regard to stereos, loud cars, motorcycles, fighting etc. Quiet time is 9:00pm on weekdays and 11:00pm on weekends.  Do not walk or drive through other’s spaces.
  9. No more than one vehicle allowed on Palmer Street and Frontier Street.  Only two vehicles allowed on Greenway Street and in the campground.  Absolutely NO trailers, boats, or tractors allowed in the park.
  10.  Only household trash is allowed in dumpsters.  Furniture (i.e. couches, chairs, beds, televisions, computers, etc.) must be taken to the transfer station located at 220 N College Drive.  Yard clippings and tree branches must be taken to the compost facility located on Wind Mill Road.
  11.  No campfires allowed in Greenway Trailer Park.